Oh thats right! Magical Kitties have entered the scene! Celebrate your love for Harry poter and cats together with Harry Paw-ter, Purr-mione Grainger and Ron Purr-sley. 


  • The Golden Trio Set includes: Harry Paw-ter, Purr-mione Grainger and Ron Purr-sley

Printed on Acid Free Satin Paper and sealed in a protecteive archival bag for shipping.

Potter Cats Art Prints

  • Mini Prints (2.25" x 3.25") The key differences are their small size and for some the abscense of the white fluffy border.


    (Some Monitors display colors different than they may appear in person. I make every effort to color correct and adjust my art to show the best representation possible. Please be aware that your piece may vary ever so slightly due to the nature of how monitors display colors and the printing process. If you are at all unhappy with your piece you can always contact NMA for a refund or exchange.)