Nessie's First Customizable Illustration, "Con Amor"

Many love the characters from my Dia de los Muertos series, some even buy one because they can see themselves in the character, whether its because of the appearance or just the personalities that shine thru. Now there is even more ways to connect with my art, introducing "Con Amor" featuring the characters Sebastian and Selene. This piece was first imagined to be simple a wedding couple but as I continued to work on it more and more I saw that this piece could be so much more than just another addition. People are all different, we have different features, love different people, and so much more. I want to be able to create something that someone can look up at and smile because they we able to put a bit of themselves into it. That is why this new piece will be the first of my images that you can customize. Now you may be wondering just how can I customize this? Well below are all the ways you can choose to customize your new piece.

Customizable Parts

  • Male and Female Hair Color

  • Male and Female Eye Color

  • Skin Color

  • Add or Delete Veil

  • Veil Color

  • Dress Color

  • Lace Ruffle Colors

  • Heels Color

  • Add Hosiery Color

  • Shirt Color

  • Front Vest Color

  • Satin Back Part of Vest Color

  • Pants Color

  • Wing Tip Shoe 2 tone or Single Tone Color

  • Tie Base Color

  • Add Name Plates and Date

Another big announcement for this piece is I want to find a way to open up easy customization for the gender of each character so that its not limited to what the original piece was drawn as. It may be a bit before that customization option is opened up due to the fact that i will need to to find the best way to draw each character so that they are easily customization without needing days to edit. I want to be able to offer customization to everyone because love is universal no mater who its between :D

Below are Some Examples of Ways to Customize the piece.

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