For the Love of Tattoos

A question I find myself getting regularly is "Can I get your art tattooed on me?" The short answer is OF COURSE! I consider it a huge compliment that you would think my art is worthy of having permanent spot on your body. Now to the nitty gritty, well not too gritty and I guess not very nitty either...I think I trailed off hehe.

So you want to get my artwork as a tattoo, GREAT! There are just a few courtesy things that I ask before you head off to your tattoo artist. Not to worry nothing crazy.


1. If you love the art it always helps to support the Artist.

If you want to get my art as a tattoo I ask that you consider purchasing a 5x7 or larger of the piece. Supporting an artist whose work you admire and want to take around with you is a great way to show that you not only value their efforts but it helps me to be able to keep creating things that you and many others can enjoy.

2. Crediting the Artist will show just how unique your new tattoo is.

I provide a black and white graphic of my signature that can be worked into or placed by the finished tattoo. Not only does this help to credit me but it will show the world just how unique your tattoo is, as its from a specific artist and not just a stock design.

(you can click the image to the right to download a PDF of my signature)

3. Sharing with the world!

I always love seeing how things turn out and if you would allow me to share a picture of your finished tattoo on my social media that would be fantastic! I can give credit to you and your tattoo artist as well of course!


And there is the not so nitty and definitely not gritty jist of it. If you every have any questions or are looking for a one of a kind personal tattoo design you can always contact me or catch me at one of my shows.

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