Who is Nessie

CUTE, COLORFUL, and WHIMSY are the core parts of everything I create. I am a Texas artist who started off painting with traditional materials from a very young age, I attended The North East School of the Art and from there went on to The Savannah College of Art and Design. I actually hold my BFA in Metals and Jewelry and originally made my living as a CAD artist for my own and other jewelry companies. Around 2016I started getting back into painting as a way to relieve stress and realized just how much I missed it and made the decision to switch careers and start Nessie Marie Art. Its been several years and a journey thru good and bad times but I've never looked back and never regret my decision to take this path. 

Who is Sammy the Sushi Cat

Sammy was the first illustration I created digitally that really gave way to all of Nessie Marie Art. He's not the first sushi cat in the world but he's mine He started as a doodle and became one of the most loved creations in my entire collection. He will forever be my company mascot and